Mary Wiggin’s Diary Transcript – January 1925

Courtesy of Susan Elliot

Thursday, Jan. 1, 1925
Sunny and no snow, good dry walking. No mail to-day. I cooked onions and baked potats. I looked over a huge pile of papers in Library to find oil shales for Josh but didn’t get what he wanted. The table is light —of its load.

Friday, Jan. 2, 1925
Raw, sunless day. I attended to Tower, egg-man, Litchfield grocers, Greek’s boy. Proe had cup cakes and bran muffins. I sent my Trustee book $50, and F.F. book $150 by Elmer Fales to have verified. Jose went to Boston to have her spectacles examined. Had a good letter from Alice. She seems to enjoy driving in sleigh to Center. Poor Mr. Skinner in bed. It is snowing at night and I hope Sophie and Alice will get home all right from N.H. and Chicago on their railroad journeys

Saturday, Jan. 3, 1925
Misty day, but no real snow. I cooked potats (sic), orange snow pudding, stewed beans with onions celery, steamed carrots and beet, warmed cabbage and peanut butter. Served bran muffins. Mixed potato fondant. Sophie and Alice came at 6.30 in hack. Elmer brought up some chops for Jose, and Humphrey’s Witch hazel Salve. Sophie returned with new blue coat trimmed with read fur, I fear, on neck, sleeves and hem. Homely hat I think of tan felt. Her hair is bobbed and lops over her ears. The nightgown was opened to night (Mary sent it out) it has fillilace and front insert.

Sunday, Jan. 4, 1925
Good warm day. Sophie went before I was dressed. She was not pleased with her new coat. I have dated what is cooked, and Alice cleaned up dining room and kitchen. I brushed up bathroom and front hall. I read Sunday paper after dine. I gave Alice 10.50 cts. for fillet (sic) trimmed night-dress for Mary Farnum who bought it for Sophie. Rodney Fiske and Chas Frazer called in evening on business.

Monday, Jan. 5, 1925
Fine day. Elme drove —to woods. I mended hose for Alice and her nightie sleeves. I cooked onions and watered the double room plants. I cleared out behind the ice chest and found three dead mice. Alice is out late to-night on play-acts I suppose. She needs sleep. Had to rush this morning after Elmer called her. Jose has made me help on a Hanover cross-word puzze (sic). It was more interesting than usual, for I met the S. Am. —called —.

Tuesday, January 6, 1925
I had a lovely rest in bed. Did not buy anything of Mr. Proe but Jose took an apple pie. I cooked some cabbage and onions. I washed my undershirt. I’ve let down hem of my blue gingham. How I looked last Xmas in that short dress after washing!

Wednesday, January 7, 1925.
Warm day. Jose and I worked on a X puzzle* and could not answer the hoops- oyesses of platinum wire -—-; an old time amusement was the minuet. Those are not agreeable puzzles to me. I feel as if I was not getting anything of value —. To-day was “Earth Quake-Day,”much to our surprise when papers came at night. There was a earth crack in Bridgewater across the High School lawn. Rumblings were heard in Boston.**

Thursday, Jan. 8, 1925
Fine day. I cooked cabbage with onions and some carrots and beets. I fastened white wool chinchilla on my hat and dressed for the Franklin Library meeting at 8:00 P.M. Alice went with me in brown garb and I in black and white straight*. Mary was there with her fine plush fur coat and bright hat. I was cold going. Washed my under drawers this morning. I could hear Lydia Ray read her report, but could hear only mumble of Mr. Peirce and Alice and Myrtie who read Ella’s paperer- report.

Friday, Jan. 9, 1925
Another fine day. I’ve done necessary work little else. Paid Tower 1.25 for 1 qt. of honey and 85 cts. for eggs. Litchfield took away 1.40. I wanted to make a cake, but couldn’t get around to it.. Baked potatoes in left over heat. Cooked onions and they were good. Alice went to Ball game to-night and three classes went.

Saturday, Jan. 10, 1925
Fine day. Alice scrubbed kitchen and dining room and cooked my red stewed beans. I watered all the plants. At dark Bert Willard, May and Mary Farnum came in. Bert played Pa’s violin and Alice accompanied him on piano. How she dos it I cannot tell you for she never practices. It seemed good to me to hear some of Corries (sic) old songs again. Bert stood but it seemed to tire him.

Sunday, Jan. 11, 1925
Another good day but there is chill in air for snow or rain has been prop———last two days. Did my hair old way to-day. N. wrote the Pres. Library Report from Ella Campbell’s and Helen Simonds reports in the evening. I made a yellow layer cake before dark, so Elsner could have a piece. Sec. of State Hughes has resigned, and budget of Supreme Court goes on his birthday this month.

Monday, Jan. 12, 1925
First snow storm, but not deep. I cooked onions, spinach. I watered plant in three rooms and read evening papers. I have been drawn upon with cold. Jose has begun on another X word puzzle and I’m drawn in in spite of myself. Sand —————- in X word.

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1925.
The ground was covered with snow and water. I cooked potats, carrots, betts, Devil’s Food cakes and layer cake. I washed a ——- meat. I paid L”____”80.

Jose paid 80 for 6 oranges. Elmer caught me a “Traveler”for recipes. OR. My devil’s cake was good without eggs. Did not see Proe.

Wednesday, Jan. 14, 1925
Cleared off in P.M. It is colder and very slippery.  I trimmed a black velvet turban of A’s with Mrs. T’s cast off double grey ostrich pompom. I cut of (sic) cut steel trimmings from an old wait of Jo’s and sewed on edge of ——- brim. I have not cooked to ~ as I intended. A. has gone to Patty’s Lit. & Mi—Club to-night. Jose had postals from Lina and Elise; they give a dinner to Mrs. Little on Saturday to which Jose goes.

Thursday, Jan. 15, 1925
Sunny day but cold.

I cooked cabbage and spinach and onions. Endorsed Am. Wool check in evening for Alice to cash to-morrow. My right cut thumb has not helped by work to-day.

Friday, Jan. 16, 1925
It was a snowy day. Gave order to Litchfield but it was such bad driving auto he did not come at night. Proe came but had nothing for us to buy. I did not give Elmer anything. The new Veg. Magazine came. I was pleased with it. Alice dressed up and went to Junior play at night. She cashed my Am. Wool check 19.25

Saturday, Jan. 17, 1925
Very slippery but cleared later and was warmer. Mr. Litchfield came with yesterday’s order. 1.60. Alice went to Boston to buy shirtwaist, $12. She went at 9 and got back at dusk. I cooked onions and made a fruit filling for my eight and cocoa cake. I’ve steamed old quinces for sauce. The ——seemed to look forward to a stormy weather on 24th.

Sunday, Jan. 18, 1925
Beautiful day and the children have been sliding down hill from the Water Tower with a traffic officer overlooking the sport ward off autos. Gave Elmer fruit filled cocoa cake. Read some in Donn Byrne’s The Strangers Banquet”(sic) It showed the writer a well read man who knows what he’s talking about. Anatole France wrote “Lys Rouge”of which I have never heard before. Alice went to Mr. Marvin’s “Hamlet,”and did not like the interpretation of minister Rose who prepared it.

Monday, Jan. 19, 1925
It is warmer and a light snow which Elmer swept off. I baked a pan of oatmeal cookies with nuts raisins and can dried quince, A- says that they are not sweet enough. I had a bad dream when I awoke this morning. How would Green explain (sic)

Tuesday, Jan. 20, 1925
Bad snowstorm. Alice went out in evening to Ball Game. Jose is at the X word puzzles and I’m dragged in to study the dictionary. I cooked onions, spinach, shell beans and paid Litchfield order and Greek order, and Pore cupcake order. I had —- in between to get my hair done and dress on.  It is cook now at bed-time. To-morrow is my dear girl’s birthday. 1879 wasn’t cold then?

Wednesday, January 21, 1925
Alice went to a birthday party and got a prize which whistles. I made chocolate rice fudge for Elmer’s and Alice’s birthdays. Jose still at X words. My head is puzzled looking in dictionary for her meanings. The snow is fine to-day, so clean and the streets are well cleared off.

Thursday, Jan. 22, 1925.
Beautiful day with sunshine. Litchfield came for orders and delivers tomorrow not knowing what weather may be. The papers to-night expect good weather for eclipse on Sat. Alice went to May Fales for supper to-night. The whole family of six was present. I have tried to rest to-day. Jose paid the laundry-man.

Friday, Jan. 23, 1925
Sophy came to-night fresh and cheerful bobbed hair slim tunic, and all in style. Alice cleaned up kitchen and dining-room. Poor Jose got only “Very Good”instead of “Excellent”on her French. It was the effect of X word puzzle. It is very cold, and I am waiting for the “Total Eclipse”of 1925 to be over.Saturday, Jan. 24, 1925

Alice got dinner and made corn mush with sweet —and cheese chopped, then fried in maple syrup. Sophie did a fine washing but had to dry in house. The snow and cold made it hard for Ricky’s auto to get out without help from Garge downtown.

Sunday, Jan. 25, 1925
Rather happy Sophie went about —A.M. I took in groceries —both and dressed —my blue hemless. I have eaten and ——to think of X word French puzzle what is a little more mixed and ————reveals Cookies onions and potats for to-morrow. Alice had her pupil then did housework and Bellie’s bread. It is quite warm for to-day. The eclipse was a great success in the Sunday Herald.

Monday, Jan. 26, 1925
I cooked cabbage, spinach, potats, and red beans with onions, celery, and green peppers. Alice dressed in light blue silk and went to Alden Club, Turkey Sup. on Men’s night with Mary Farnum, and they had a separate table, but Alice sat between two men, one Mr. Pember.

Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1925
The mercury fell to 50 degrees below in Northern N.Y. I have rested and gave Litchfield his order, but he did not deliver. I ate cooked foot with a relish and gave Elmer my last yellow top layer cake. Jose is at “X words”, and I‘m drawn in to consult the dictionary. It is cold to-night. The furnace is boiling.

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 1925
Very cold and I took another nap. Cooked fresh spinach which Litchfield left us. Jose had a Lit “S word”tonight and she has finished the task. The Greek boy called and I ordered a few things he has. Alice is at home to-night. She eats vegetables and nuts. I do not accomplish much.

Thursday, Jan. 29, 1925
I made some sugar cookies with caraway seed. Cooked some spinach. We had a French X-word puzzle which (sic) good. Alice went in storm to a basket-ball game at which our boys are beaten. The widow Nolin is college boy’s pony at Harvard.

Friday, Jan. 30, 1925
X-words. Ela, highest pitch of Guido’s scale. Cooked cabbage. Alice went late with mid yrs exams. This morning cleared up in P.M. with sunshine. Spent 1.53 with LItchfield and 2 doz eggs @.85 with Tower. Henry Clay Ide was Gov. of Phit-Isle.

Saturday, Jan. 31, 1925
Good day. Alice walked down street and stored up our larder. Some one over took her and drove up in closed car. I have cooked potats and chocolate frosting for Elmer’s tidbit of cake. I’ve watered the plants in three rooms. There is to be given a replica of Dickens; first visit in 1842 with dinner at Papantis Hall. The Bill of fare is in existence and the speeches in a paper of the time. I am delighted at the prospect. If I could only go! I shall in imagination.



  1. joanne buell bache

    My great grandfather was Shepard Wiggin (1821 – 1862). I am trying to locate information about him and would appreciate any help. His daughter Ellen was my grandmother. Thank you.
    joanne bache

    • Hello Joanne,
      I will give your name and contact information to the woman who was transcribing the Wiggin diaries and ask if she has come across his name in her research.
      I hope we can make a connection for you.

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