Mary Wiggin’s Diary Transcript

Susan Elliot has volunteered her time to transcribe the diaries of Mary Wiggin’s which span many years. Here is a brief excerpt from January 1925. You can read more here.

Thursday, Jan. 1, 1925
Sunny and no snow, good dry walking. No mail to-day. I cooked onions and baked potats. I looked over a huge pile of papers in Library to find oil shales for Josh but didn’t get what he wanted. The table is light —of its load.

Friday, Jan. 2, 1925
Raw, sunless day. I attended to Tower, egg-man, Litchfield grocers, Greek’s boy. Proe had cup cakes and bran muffins. I sent my Trustee book $50, and F.F. book $150 by Elmer Fales to have verified. Jose went to Boston to have her spectacles examined. Had a good letter from Alice. She seems to enjoy driving in sleigh to Center. Poor Mr. Skinner in bed. It is snowing at night and I hope Sophie and Alice will get home all right from N.H. and Chicago on their railroad journeys

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